The Greater Threat has long since been forgotten by the children of women who died on the battlefield in that fateful age. All that remains of the shame of that decision are curse words and superstition.

Four nations now make up the bulk of human political interest, though in earnest backdoor dealings and corruption would draw a map more like a patchwork quilt. Civil war has kept humanity from working together for over an age. while one nation threatens to overtake two others through skirmish warfare and cultural hegemony, the fourth remains neutral, seemingly deaf to the pleas for aid.


Blue and white and bearing the sigil of the Kingfisher. Dol has long been a symbol of hope and economic prosperity. However, with the rise of the Swordfish, this regal faction finds itself looking to uneasy alliance with the cold of the Southland Virium to keep their beacon alive. Dol is the only remaining nation to maintain their capital on the Isle. This ensures they have convenient trade access to the other nations, but are also within reach of Hale’s corsairs.


Once only the pride of the North East, purple and black banners bearing the sign of the Swordfish now spread into the sea and the Westlands. They were first to break the Armistice, spurred by the promise of prosperity and fueled by a cunning King’s contract with the Dwarven Consortium.


Emerald and white are the colours of arrogance and heroism in the Southlands. Tournaments are often won by the Jade Knights, and bardic tales are more romantic when sung of the martial prowess and poetic grace of the Virum Queendom. It is no surprise they stand with their Dol brethren in the war against Hale.


A brilliant sun of orange trimmed with seas of blue has long been flown as banner aboard sailing ships. Making their home at the Westlands coast, the Kith do nto feel any strong regard for participating in the politics of the other nations. The populace, however, grows concerned as rumors of Hale armies approaching from the North spread.


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