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  • Rakshas

    [[File:924611 | class=media-item-align-center | raksha.jpg]] In the remote jungles to the North, the feline race called the Rakshas live. Their empire has been in decline for an age; their buildings old and dilapidated. The Rakshas are financially …

  • Kihrazad

    Kihrazad's parents were head of her pride, and she their eldest daughter, propelled into the militia from a young age. Nepotism put her there, but it was her own brute strength and no-holds-barred ferocity that allowed her to rise above her comrades in …

  • Tova

    Tova is a queer Rakshas fighter. She's not very smart but she's buff and a good protector of her friends. Her blacksmith girlfriend is at least 40% of what she talks about; the rest is mostly jock/fighter stuff.

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