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  • Scarecrow

    The scarecrows of the farm house came alive and attacked the party. [[:danyal | Danyal]] set the corn field on fire to destroy them.

  • Penelope

    When the party awoke in the farm house, they heard the cries of a little girl. They found Penelope, alone in the house. Frightened, Penelope ran from the house, into the corn field. Scarecrows attacked the party as they chased her. The party found …

  • Gnoll

    Gnolls are canine humanoid beings. In a long forgotten age, they battled the [[Rakshas | Rakshas]] and chased the cat people from the Westlands. Gnolls are nomadic in nature, travelling the Westlands in packs and living off of the spoils of their …

  • Ogre

    Ogres are low-giant beings. They average 14' tall and are considerable in strength. They are not very intelligent and respond emotionally.

  • Troll

    Trolls are low-giant creatures. This classification is not entirely accurate, though, as trolls share little with other low-giants. They are comprised of elements as well as flesh, leading some to believe they are hybrid between elemental and giant. …

  • Werewolf

    Werewolves are a humanoid being infected with the curse of lycanthropy. West Valley has been suffering from a series of mysterious attacks and disapperances. When the party arrived, a boy had gone missing. The townsfolk formed search parties. [[: …

  • Dinosaur

    Dinosaurs exist in the world, mostly in the Westland Vastwood. Some smaller dinosaurs are used as mounts. Larger, more dangerous predators are an ongoing concern to communities.

  • Giant

    Giants are towering humanoids. They are the largest of giant kind. The largest giant in the last recorded age was over a hundred feet tall, though legends of giants rivaling the size of mountains in forgotten ages abound.

  • Goblin

    Goblins are a low race and part of the Philistine Amalgamation. along with the larger Hobgoblins, and their cousins Orcs.

  • Hobgoblin

    Hobgolins are the larger cousins of goblins. They tend to take positions of authority among their smaller kin and, along with Orcs, make up much of the organized Philistine Amalgamation.

  • Orc

    Orcs are the largest and most prevalent races that make up the Philistine Amalgamation.

  • Indira

    Indira is an explorer from Kith. While looking for evidence of strange rumors in the area south of West Valley, she was captured and held captive by the [[:countess-de-la-maison | Countess de la Maison]]. She knows little of what occurred, but after being …

  • Wyvern

    Wyverns are large flying predators that frequent shores and plains. They tend to be brazen, over committing to strafing attacks on targets. They are typically the largest predators in their region. During their confrontation with the werewolf, [[: …

  • Tova

    Tova is a queer Rakshas fighter. She's not very smart but she's buff and a good protector of her friends. Her blacksmith girlfriend is at least 40% of what she talks about; the rest is mostly jock/fighter stuff.

  • Ajax

    Ajax is a douchebag fuckboy nobleman. Jaakko is seriously into him and lacks the insight to see he's just the occasional flavor of the day to Ajax. He gives Jaakko just enough positive attention to string him along.

  • Kali Imani

    Kali is the youngest daughter of three in the Imani family. She is older than [[:tezcalli | Tezcalli]] only by one year. Kali is the most spirited of the Imani sisters. She marvels at technology and looks to the stars dreaming of adventure.

  • Asha Imani

    Asha is the middle child of the Imani family. With [[:ode-imani | Ode Imani]] having left home during her youth, Asha was saddled with many family responsibilities. She is more heavily involved in the caravan business than the other children.

  • Adisa Imani

    Adisa is the Father of [[:tezcalli | Tezcalli]] and his sisters. He has enjoyed a life of meager success as a parent and merchant, establishing a caravan for his family in the [[Great Sands | Great Sands]] with his wife.

  • Zoya Imani

    Zoya is the Mother of [[:tezcalli | Tezcalli]] and his sisters, [[:ode-imani | Ode Imani]], [[:asha-imani | Asha Imani]], and [[:kali-imani | Kali Imani]]. Born in the [[City of Stars | City of Stars]], Zoya met and married [[:adisa-imani | Adisa Imani …

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