Indira is an explorer from Kith. While looking for evidence of strange rumors in the area south of West Valley, she was captured and held captive by the Countess de la Maison. She knows little of what occurred, but after being held for several months, she escaped in the light of the full moon and fled.

Unfortunately, her bestial nature took over and on her escape she tormented the poor citizens of the township of West Valley. Kihrazad, Savaş, and Danyal began to hunt Indira. Their search led them to the caverns north of West Valley where they found beast scratches in some form of language erratically scrawled on the walls.

After a hard-fought battle on the beaches of Kithland, Indira was bested by the trio of hunters and with the aid of Savaş’ wolfsbane potion, reverted back into human form. She was cared for by her pursuers and worked together to survive a Wyvern attack. Now, she leads the party to her home in Kith to share more detail of what she was investigating and what strange language she was attempting to write in the cavern.


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