Dungeons & Dragons

Death is Terrifying
Journal Entry

written on the 3rd page of a pristine notebook

Perhaps I should be a bit more concerned about how this foray into the unknown is going. The adventure really started when I woke up in a dark, dilapidated farmhouse on the edge of a haunted town full of Shadow-type creatures and a cannibal with two other individuals. We somehow managed to make our way out of there without too much incident. It was rather terrifying but at least we’re still alive.
The little ghost girl I was following is not, though. We found her hanging in the rafters of her house. Her parents went to the next town over, West Valley. That’s where we decided to travel next. Savas and Kihrazad are my companions. Savas is a half-elf, he grew up in the Vastwood he says. Kihrazad is a Rakshas. I can’t believe they’re(still?) real. Sometimes I read things that just seemed too unbelievable in my books but she is definitely a Rakshas and she is incredibly strong and fierce.
It’s good, too, because I am neither of those things and she saved me from trees earlier this morning. Trees! TREES! They tried to attack us! I know I’ve read about attacking trees before but it still seems incredibly unrealistic. Too much like it’s right out of some fable. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised they’re real.
Or that werewolves are real and one nearly killed me before dawn. It hurt much worse than the Scarecrows and much worse than the tree. I’ve never seen so much blood before. Or death. So much death. Death is terrifying. It’s horrifying. How does everyone live with this idea of death so easily? Is this how the King died? With blood everywhere? Is there always this much blood in death?
The lifeless look in death’s eyes.
I’m glad Kihrazad was able to help the boy. I’m so glad she could save him with her healing magic. I don’t think I could look death in the face as it happens.
Was this all a mistake? Time will tell, I suppose. I don’t think it was. We cannot continue living, sequestered away from the rest of the world forever. How will we ever learn or grow as a people if we do not?
It’s to the Comtesse next. Hopefully she will have answers about this werewolf for us. I hope we can help this village’s suffering.

Chapter I: Shadows over Creekpoint

Blurnsday, 10th of Febtober, 1343

I have decide to record my experiences to prepare others of the Watch should I perish.

I have just had the misfortune to experience a most distressing series of events which may well prove to portent dark days to come.

It seems I was abducted from the Vastwoods at night, although I do not know how. When I woke, I was in a poorly lit and manor which appeared to have been left to decay for many years. I woke in a small room, accompanied by, as unbelieveable as it may seem, a Raksha warrior, and an odd little Elven sorcerer. We encountered a young girl by the name of Penelope, who we quickly determined was in fact a ghost, and followed her as she ran through fields of corn.

We lost Penelope in the corn, but discovered that a number of animated scarecrows were less than pleased by our presence in their field. They attacked us, and I must admit, on gave me quite a fright, but the Elf, whom I later came to know as Danyal, promptly set fire to the scarecrows, and the filed. The Raksha, Kihrazad, attempted to dispatch one of the creatures, but decided to throw her sword on the ground instead. What an unusual culture.

After exiting the now burning field, we found ourselves in Creekpoint, a village beset by a number of Shadows, which appeared to be draining the very essence of life out of the poor villagers. The only one we observed to be unaffected by this blight was an elderly woman obsessed with stirring her stew, and petting Kihrazad. We had a discussion with her about the house and village, and Danyal accepted her offer of stew. The woman then implied that she was eating her visitors, and lunged at Kihrazad with a kitchen knife. Fortunate for her, I put an arrow through the woman’s eye before she could harm the Raksha. In fact, the arrow pinned the woman’s corpse to the wall.

The three of us then began to search her house, looking for clues as to what had occurred in the town. We found the corpse of the woman’s pet cat, half harvested for her stews. In the cellar we found a necklace bearing the cameo of a young courtesan from West Valley. It is also worthy to note that the cellar was full of dismembered humanoid bodies. When we returned to the main floor, we found that my arrow remained in the wall, but the woman was going. We left immediately. (Upon further reflection, it is possible the woman did not survive, and was perhaps a ghoul. I shall have to return to gather further evidence.)

We came upon the ghost child once again, and followed her to her house. Following her in to the house, we discovered her poor, lifeless body hanging from a noose. The ghost told us of a note, left for her when her parents disappeared, which read ‘Your parents don’t love you anymore. They’ve come to live with me.’ It was signed La comtesse de la maison. The ghost told us that the comtesse resided in West Valley.

Suddenly, we were ambushed by a trio of Shadows, although it was a simple matter to dispatch them. After Kihrazad and Danyal exited the house, I followed, setting fire to the building as I left. It is my hope that the Shadows were destroyed in that fire, and the village was once again safe for the living.

The presence of such a rare form of undead in an otherwise quiet, country town is alarming. Perhaps the time is approaching to sound the call.

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